Twitter as a Concordancer

Twitter ( ) is a popular social networking tool that lets you tell people what you are doing in 140 characters. It has been called anything from a useful microblogging tool to 'a complete waste of time'

It is used by a lot of teachers now to connect with other teachers (think of it as joining a global staffroom) and many educators use it to engage people in discussion and share links and ideas with other teachers. There are teachers who have started using Twitter with students too (look at this e-twinning Twitter project ) , but the idea below is aimed at teachers who don't have access to Internet in their classrooms.

Twitter as a concordancer

Using the Twitter Search box (see image above), you can quickly search on any phrase or word and get a live stream of examples of how it is being used by people using Twitter. You can then select from the examples and cut-and-paste into a document to bring to class. Here are some examples that I found by searching on the phrase "when I was little":

#wheniwaslittle I would take the silver gum wrapper or foil and make silver teeth with it.

#wheniwaslittle I would watch football and pretend I was in the game and tackle my pillow

#wheniwaslittle I loved rainy days at skool cause we would have lunch n the classroom and play games

#wheniwaslittle I used to cry when my dad would say I liked a girl...I hated when he did that

#wheniwaslittle I used to eat stuff from off the ground

#wheniwaslittle I made my twin brother do my homework!

#wheniwaslittle music was sooo much better

#wheniwaslittle I hid in the washing machine

#wheniwaslittle I was spoiled...:)

#wheniwaslittle I was one of the first kids in school with a cellphone

#wheniwaslittle i used to think hiding myself under a blanket made me invisible

#wheniwaslittle I would get up real early, sit on my swing outside in my backyard and sing

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