Dogme 2.0 for ELT

This site was originally set up to support a seminar first given during the 5th British Council Barcelona ELT Conference on the 26th September 2009. If you are interested in joining and adding your own ideas, then please do so!


Dogme ELT (sometimes referred to Teaching Unplugged) is a methodology that is materials-light, conversation-driven and which focuses on the learner and on emergent language. Web 2.0 refers to the tools available on the Internet that facilitate communication and information sharing. This session looks at how teachers can combine the two to provide a stimulating language classroom environment for our digital native learners. You will also walk away with ten practical ideas you can start using in class.



Practical Examples

  1. Wordle
  2. Using mobile phones
  3. Twitter as a concordancer
  4. Visuwords the online graphical dictionary
  5. Music with Spotify
  6. Just a Minute with Moodstream
  7. Digital Storytelling
  8. 3rd World Farmer
  9. PicLits for Discussion
  10. IKEA Space Maker